"My family had the pleasure of eating one of the hams last night.  This was the best ham we have ever had. There is usually leftovers for breakfast, after dinner there was nothing left.  The ham was perfectly smoked and did not have a salty taste to it.  This ham was also tender. We had Maple Leaf Farm bacon this morning, it also had great flavor.  We will be customers for life.  I can't wait to have more of thier great products."

-R. Gruver

"Picked up my half of a pig on Saturday and got a full tour of the farm.  B.J. and family take really good care of the pigs.  Today I opened it up and had some sausage and smoked the boston butt and ribs.  The meat was all tender and full of flavor! Had just the right amount of fat to give it a nice flavor! I know where I'm getting all my pork from now on!"

-B. MacClean

"We had the opportunity to tour the farm to see how it was all done...very impressive!!!  Well run with the whole family pitching in to do their part.  The meat is out of this world!!! Great flavor and high quality...definitely will go back and highly recommend it to everyone!!!!!"

-C. Wood