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One of our most popular items.  Cured, then slowly smoked for hours with Hickory wood.  Whether on its own or making your favorite dishes more flavorful, it leaves your mouth watering and your taste buds wishing for more. 

$10/1lb pack

Breakfast Sausage Links


Offered in 2 flavors, Standard Breakfast or Maple.  Easy to cook and is an excellent companion to any other breakfast item, or all by itself! Offered in 1 pound packages.


Pork Chops


Grill them, oven bake, crock pot, or however you want to prepare them, these chops are tender and juicy. Just the right amount of fat compliments the meat and doesn't leave them dry after cooking.  

  • Loin-$7/pack
  • Center Cut-$7/pack
  • Stuffing chops$8/pack
  • Smoked Chops $8/pack

Sold by the pack of 2, approximately 3/4" thick.  Other thicknesses can be ordered.



Salt cured and Hickory smoked, these hams will turn your dinner into an event!  Sure to leave your dinner guests asking for seconds.  These are half hams, 6-9 lbs, and are available bone in or boneless.


Ham Slices


All the goodness of a whole ham, without the commitment of cooking a whole ham!  These are center cuts from the hams that make for great breakfast meals, recipe ingredients, and even on the grill.  


Cased Sausages


This is the good stuff.  Fair style sausages perfect for those summer time cook-outs.  Just as good any other time of the year.   Flavors include:

  • Hot Italian
  • Sweet Italian
  • Sweet

1 pound packages


Bulk Sausage


Plain( no seasoning) $4.00 lb


Sweet Italian

Hot Italian

5.50/ lb



BBQ or Slow roasted, our ribs are tender and full of flavor.  

  • Spare Ribs
  • Country Style Ribs
  • Baby Back Ribs


Ham Hocks


Slow smoked along side our hams and bacon, our ham hocks become the perfect flavor adder for your soup, as well as other recipes.


Boston Butt


BBQ and Smokers best friend.  A nice cap of fat and deep red muscle make this cut ideal for slow, mouth watering cooking.  Put these guys on to cook, grab a cold beverage and enjoy the experience of cooking, along with the delicious finale.




Buy 10 packs of your favorite sausages, get 1 free

The "Kids Are Eating Us Out of House and Home"

  • 2- Bacon
  • 1-Roast
  • 4- Ham Slices
  • 2-Breakfast Sausages
  • 4-Bulk Sausages
  • 4-Chops
  • 2-Ribs
  • 2-Cased Sausages


Cooking For 2

  • 1-Ham Slice
  • 4-Chops
  • 1-Bacon


Pit Master

  • 2-Roasts
  • 2-Ribs
  • 2- Cased Sausages



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